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Why your story matters

Your story is incredibly important to us. It could give someone considering radiotherapy a better understanding of what lies ahead, reassure someone having treatment, or give friends and family guidance about how to support a loved one.

Your story will also make sure politicians and the media understand why access to high quality radiotherapy treatment in UK is so critical. It could raise awareness of the issues facing cancer services in the UK and prevent others suffering.

Getting started

We know that sharing your story might be difficult and emotional because of what you’re going through, or have been through. Remember, it’s your story and it’s up to you what you choose to share.

Don’t worry if the story you submit isn’t perfect – you can just write a few paragraphs about your experience.

How will your story be used?

Anything you write to us will be kept strictly confidential unless you say otherwise. We will only share, adapt or publish your story with your permission. If you do let us use your story publicly, we might use it on our website, social media or as part of evidence for government – but we’ll never do any of these things without checking it’s alright with you first.

What happens when you submit?

Once we’ve received your story, we’ll get in touch to thank you for your submission, and might ask for more information.

Protecting your information

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Your story is valuable and important – we are very grateful to you for sharing it with us.

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