Champions Network

On 4th February 2018 (World Cancer Day), the Radiotherapy UK Champions Network was established to help the radiotherapy community share success stories, tackle issues and raise awareness of best practice in radiotherapy. We are a group of radiotherapy professionals representing NHS and Private Sector radiotherapy units in the UK, led by a steering group who formed the network.

How you can be involved

We are a small charity with a big mission: to raise the public image of radiotherapy, to show that it is a safe, accurate and effective treatment for cancer (and it’s cost effective too!). There are lots of ways you can get involved, from taking part in charity runs, to supporting patient advocacy… all you need is a little time and a shared goal to #spreadtheword that #radiotherapysaveslives.

Fun run fundraisers

Join or help out at a fun run

Coordination of entrants for running events throughout the UK – everything from rallying the troops and helping set up JustGiving pages, to mailing out Radiotherapy UK vests.

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Organise a fundraising event

We’re always looking for new ideas to raise money for the charity. Share your ideas for fundraising and help implement them within your department or further afield.


Support patient advocacy

We are developing a network of radiotherapy patient advocates. Help us spread the word and attract new members from your region.

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Share your ideas

Join our monthly conference calls with your peers, and share your ideas on how to spread the word about the great work Radiotherapy UK is doing.

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Publicise campaigns

Publicise Radiotherapy UK’s campaigns within your department and on social media.

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Attend events and conferences

As a small charity, we rely on our champions to speak at and attend events on behalf of Radiotherapy UK.

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