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Featured press coverage below


10th August: Prof Pat Price opened the day with an interview on BBC Breakfast with a great piece focused on radiotherapy and calling on the Secretary of State to meet with radiotherapy experts. Video on twitter here.

It featured some of the footage ahead of tonight’s BBC Newsnight programme that mentioned our letter from 36 heads of radiotherapy physics departments and some shots of RT kit. Video on twitter here

Pat was then interviewed on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 – listen here – The piece has been running on the BBC news channel all day and is now on the front page of the BBC website carrying a quote from Prof Pat Price. Link

Radiotherapy UK then featured on BBC news at 9:30am with Sarah Quinlan, Charity Director, being interviewed. Video on Twitter here

26th July: Major press association media story. Professor Pat Price raised concerns about leaked reports that 1,300 cancer patients are waiting over three months for cancer treatment. This was picked up nationally and regionally. Oncologist Professor Pat Price, co-founder of the Catch Up With Cancer campaign, said: “This devastating leak is yet another example of the national cancer treatment crisis that is hitting the NHS. We know every four weeks of delay can lead to a 10% reduction in survival, so to have so many patients waiting over 104 days is an absolute disaster.”

A small number of these 63 media hits include: The Independent, The Evening Standard, Central Fife Times, Warrington Guardian, The Northern Echo, Witney Gazette, Lancashire Telegraph, Oxford Mail, Wirral Globe

6th July: #CatchUpWithCancer / Radiotherapy4Life campaign and Radiotherapy UK held a high impact event outside parliament. The event was attended by over 25 Parliamentarians and gained significant media attention. Find out more about the event here.

BBC Somerset Radio Prof Pat Price interviewed listen in from 2.07 – 2.45.

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, interview with Prof Pat Price listen in from 2.01 -2.46.

BBC Midlands, Radiotherapy UK stated in the region 46.5% of cancer patients are waiting longer than 62 days for treatment after an urgent referral.

Good Morning Britain, Professor Pat Price is interviewed about the letter to the Secretary of
State for Health from radiotherapy heads about the crisis in services and need for investment

16th June: BBC NEWS – Front page, leading story and leading quote on the BBC website – Prof Pat Price, co-founder of Catch Up With Cancer, said: “It defies all reason that government can look at these cancer statistics and not see a crisis. We are desperately short of treatment capacity. Increasing diagnosis means nothing if all we do is pile backlog patients onto sky-high waiting lists.”

Daily Mail – Professor Pat Price quote ‘There are solutions in areas like radiotherapy that could have an immediate impact, but they are ignored because ministers don’t seem to understand them. This is having a devastating impact on patients and cancer staff, I urge the Health Secretary to act.’

Times – Professor Pat Price on the need for investment in treatment capacity. Article about the treatment backlog and how thousands of patients spend longer in hospitals than they need to due to insufficient social care provision. Mentions the campaign and carries a quote from Pat Price.

Metro – Quote from Professor Pat Price in the Metro calling for an increase in treatment capacity in an article about the elective and routine care backlog reaching a new record high. Mentions the CatchUpWithCancer campaign and features a quote from Pat Price

11th June: Daily Express, An article about how the cancer backlog and long delays are risking cancer patients’ lives. Carries a quote from Pat Price and mentions report from Radiotherapy UK / CatchUpWithCancer.

10th June: iNews, article on how more cancer patients’ lives are at risk due to the collapse of five private oncology centres putting more pressure on the NHS. Features a quote from Pat Price.

18th May: Daily Mail, Professor Pat Price calls for radical new plan and investment in radiotherapy in Daily Mail – response to NHS’s Cancer Board Chair admitting that cancer services will not return to pre-pandemic levels by 2023

The Times: Professor Pat Price quote in response to NHS cancer waiting times. Extract – Pat Price, a leading oncologist and co-founder of the Catch Up With Cancer campaign, said: “These cancer waiting times are catastrophic and the worst ever. As a clinician, it breaks my heart. This data covers the period of time NHS leaders said cancer services would be back to normal. Well, they are not back to normal. They have collapsed. And more patients will die unnecessarily. We need a radical new cancer plan that includes increases in treatment capacity, investment in backlog-busting technologies, like radiotherapy, and a plan for the cancer workforce. How many disastrous cancer statistics will we allow? The pretence that everything is OK and in hand must surely now be shattered.”

To note: The APPGRT held a roundtable event in parliament attended by the minister and officials from Downing Street and Department of Health and Social Care. The APPG’s tweet was retweeted by the cancer minister and we felt the meeting held a number of promising actions.

2nd May: The Times front page carries a quote from Prof Pat Price and the full article includes calls for radiotherapy investment. This article includes a response from the campaign highlighting the need for a boost in treatment capacity.

LBC News – Professor Pat Price interview about the record cancer checks and need for treatment capacity

TalkTV + TimesRadio – Professor Pat Price was interviewed about the cancer backlog.

21st April: The Week Ten Things You Need to Know Today: 21 April 2022 point 6 – Cancer expert Professor Pat Price told The Telegraph the findings were “shocking”….

20th April: The Telegraph Prof Pat Price on cancer backlog “we are in the grip of the worst cancer crisis ever” she calls for a radical new plan to increase treatment capacity, including radiotherapy & workforce!

19th April: The Daily Mail Professor Pat Price said: ‘It is morally outrageous to see hospitals stripped of NHS capacity for private payers when we face a deadly cancer backlog timebomb. Private care should be enhancing NHS capacity and reducing waiting lists. We should not be giving up NHS beds to revenue raising right now, an action that takes away from NHS capacity, delays treatment, and creates further inequality.’

12th April: The Independent Prof Gordon Wishart, a supporter of the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign echoes calls of the campaign for investment including radiotherapy.

10th April: LBC News Professor Pat Price calls for the Secretary of State to meet with frontline clinicians to address the cancer backlog and improve waiting times.

8th April: TalkRadio Interviews Prof Pat Price on new cancer data.

6th April: Twitter ITV News speak to Prof Pat Price about the cancer crisis following the HSCC report. The Sun Prof Pat Price urges the Prime Minister to prioritise cancer crisis after HSCC report warns survival rates could go into reverse. Twitter LBC radio speaks to Prof Pat Price ‘We need a comprehensive new plan which removes prohibitive bureaucracy and boosts treatment capacity by investing in radiotherapy, IT and workforce’.

5th April: Today Professor Pat Price was on Sky News responding to the Health and Social Care Select Committee report on cancer. Radiotherapy was described as a “silver bullet” to tackle the backlog and Pat urged the Health Secretary to meet with her. The Guardian included a comment from Prof Pat Price on Health Committee report. The Times warn of decade lost cancer progress in article quoting Prof Pat Price. Daily Express highlights Prof Pat Price comments on new HSCC report calling for urgent action to tackle the cancer crisis and prevent avoidable cancer deaths! We need investment in cancer workforce and vital radiotherapy services. Twitter HSCC promotional video features Prof Pat Price.

31st March: Twitter Prof Pat Price responds to HSCC Expert evaluation of governments commitments in cancer services.

30th March: Twitter Thank you to Tim Farron for highlighting urgently needed investment in Radiotherapy to clear cancer backlog. Prof Pat Price quoted in the Telegraph calling on NHS to secure additional capacity to tackle the cancer backlog.

29th March: Press release Cancer campaigners have today handed a letter signed by more than 50 parliamentarians to Downing Street urging the Prime Minister to deliver a “radical new cancer plan” to address the cancer backlog and address record waiting times that are translating into cancer inequality across the country.

28th March: Sunday Express Defuse time bomb of cancer cases – Boris told, Prof Pat Price calls on PM to help reduce the number of cancer cases.

26th March: Express, Boris urged to get a grip on potential cancer disaster – Prof Pat Price says “We need the Government to outline how investment will boost frontline cancer services. Particularly high tech solutions like radiotherapy which are so often overlooked”.

13th February: Sunday Express, reports of 87,000-100,000 missing cancer backlog patients is a devastating health crisis. “Even now cancer services cant cope with the patients coming in. We need a radical new cancer plan and ringfenced investment” says Professor Pat Price #CatchUpWithCancer.

9th February: Today in theipaper on the elective recovery plan, #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder calls for more ambition, investment in treatment and warns of a missed opportunity to clear the cancer backlog.

5th February: Daily Telegraph today analysis by kings College London, Institute of Cancer Policy and the Health Foundation suggests there are 87,000 ‘missing’ cancer patients, Professor Pat Price warns
Britain is facing a “deadly cancer timebomb”.

19th January: In the Daily Mail Professor Pat Price, an oncologist and co-founder of the Catch Up With Cancer campaign, said: ‘If the Health Secretary wants to fight a “war on cancer” then he needs to invest in the tools and the people to win it.

12th January: Debate in parliament held on ‘access to radiotherapy’ Daily Mail article highlighted discussion in the debate. RTUK, Prof Pat Price and #catchupwithcancer fed into debate topics and issues faced.

1st January: Prof Pat Price quoted in Sunday Express “cancer services are still being disrupted even as we move into the third year of pandemic restrictions: We’re one minute to midnight in terms of this Covid induced cancer crisis becoming an avalanche from which we can’t recover.”


14 December: Radiotherapy UK relaunch with MPs outside Parliament, read more about the relaunch in our blog here

12 December: The Sunday Express reported on the upcoming cancer summit on 14th December – “Crunch Summit over fear cancer treatment is set back ten years”.

9 December: Telegraph podcast – Professor Gordon Wishart supports calls for Government to implement #CatchUpWithCancer recommendations, including investment in radiotherapy.

4 December: The Daily Telegraph “The cancer legacy of the pandemic could be worst than COVID” Article includes quotes from Professor Pat Price:

11th November #CatchUpWithCancer co-founders bereaved father Craig Russell and Professor Pat Price appear on BBC News to discuss new cancer figures​

19th October The Telegraph – “We have an overwhelming and huge backlog”, Professor Pat Price comments

27th September Mirror Article “I lost my daughter after COVID paused chemo”, mother and #CatchUpWithCancer petition author speaks to BBC

24th September The Sun – “The cancer community has the solutions, but they need investment and the tools to act”, Professor Pat Price comment

24th September Father of Kelly Smith calls for urgent action on Sky news for the sake of other cancer patients experiencing life threatening delays

24th September BBC Breakfast – “This is a major crisis… We need ringfenced investment in cancer services”, says Professor Pat Price

21st July  Daily Express article: “Act now to clear cancer backlog” Family campaign at Downing Street for government to put more resources into cancer services to clear backlog 

20th July ITV Granada reports film #CatchUpWithCancer family and campaign founder Professor Pat Price at Downing Street

27th June  ITV News: APPG for Radiotherapy, Chair, Tim Farron MP warns far more people could die of cancer than COVID if treatment backlog continues

27th June  Sunday Express article: Hospitals Fear Cancer “Avalanche” – comment from #CatchUpWithCancer founder Professor Pat Price

21st June  The Sun: Co-founder of #CatchUpWithCancer Professor Pat Price calls for urgent action to address backlog of NHS waiting lists for cancer

14th June  The Independent: Cancer backlog after Covid threatens ‘devastating health crisis’, MPs warn in letter to Prime Minister

13th June  Sunday Express: APPG RT and #CatchUpWithCancer letter to the Prime Minister features in article: UK Cancer Backlog is Biggest NHS Crisis

9th June  #CatchUpWithCancer co-founders Professor Pat Price and family of Kelly Smith feature on LBC following LBC research – Patients face postcode lottery for cancer treatment with trusts missing targets

​​​​​27th May  BBC NI: Professor Pat Price features on The Nolan Show calling for ministers to recognise the urgent problem within cancer care

​​​​27th May  The Cancer Summit and the report’s recommendations were covered by the Daily Express

​14th May  Professor Pat Price is quoted in a piece in The Times about how the NHS can get back on track after the coronavirus pandemic, ‘There is a collective burying heads in sand on a scale I’ve never seen in healthcare’!

14th May  Professor Pat Price speaks to BBC Midlands and calls for a more urgent response to the COVID induced Cancer backlog

13th May  BBC News: Professor Pat Price speaks on the number of years of underinvestment and the need to better

15th April  BBC News | #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder and petition author Craig Russell calls for a more urgent response to the cancer backlog 

15th April The Independent article on 330,00 people seen late by the NHS quotes #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder and petition author Craig Russell

15th April BBC Radio Five | Catch Up With Cancer co-founder and petition author Craig Russell says “The backlog is very real and needs urgent action to prevent the loss of tens of thousands of people unnecessarily”

2nd April Prof Pat Price Co-founder of #CatchUpWithCancer and chair of Action Radiotherapy commented on the NHS leadership’s decision to disband the Cancer Recovery Taskforce in the Daily Express “Thousands of people may die by shutting cancer taskforce, charity warns” 

16th March #CatchUpWithCancer and Kelly’s story feature on Radio 1 following charities warn cancer death rate could rise, Craig the co-founder of #CatchUpWithCancer said “In my view, the government has completely neglected cancer patients in this country.”

3rd March Daily Mail: “Charities slam Rishi Sunak for lack of help for hospitals” – includes #CatchUpWithCancer comment

3rd March The Sun: Cancer patients and social care ‘forgotten in Budget 2021’ as charities warn ‘lives will needlessly be lost’ – #CatchUpWithCancer comment

2nd March The Daily Mirror features #CatchUpWithCancer in cancer piece – “World fought back against COVID- let’s plough the same funds and energy into curing cancer Kelly’s parents have cofounded ‘Catch Up With Cancer’ and are now asking the government to make adequate cancer provisions in next week’s budget to boost cancer services, in order to address the backlog urgently.

24th February WalesOnline and Cheshire Live article on #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder and father of Kelly Smith, Craig Russell: Mum who died as COVID halted cancer treatment ‘a victim of pandemic’, dad says. The mum-of-one, who worked as a beautician, was first diagnosed in 2017, but her fourth round of chemotherapy was halted when the pandemic hit. Twelve weeks after her chemotherapy stopped, Kelly, from Macclesfield, passed away. Craig Russell, Kelly’s father, has now co-founded the Catch Up With Cancer campaign that calls for the Government and NHS to boost cancer treatments to tackle treatment delays caused by COVID-19.

18th February  Daily Mail article features the cross-party letter: The human face of Britain’s cancer ‘disaster’ threatening 100,000 patients who could miss out on treatment due to COVID pandemic

1st February  Prof Pat Price, Chair of Action Radiotherapy and founder of the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign, is quoted in the Daily Mail “Deadly toll of scrapped cancer surgery revealed”

31st January Sunday Express feature #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder Professor Pat Price and APPGRT Chair Tim Farron MP calls for a new cancer recovery plan

26th January Sky News feature the impact on cancer patients and the story of Kelly Smith, daughter of #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder Craig Russell

20th January #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder Professor Pat Price appears on BBC Radio Ulster 

18th January #CatchUpWithCancer comment in Daily Mail splash on BBC Question Time debate on cancer patients

17th January APPG for Radiotherapy and #CatchUpWithCancer call for a “ring of iron” around cancer services in Sunday Express

15th January #CatchUpWithCancer founder Professor Pat Price appears on BBC Radio 5 live

13th January Chair of Action Radiotherapy and adviser to the APPG RT, Professor Pat Price appears on the Standard Issue podcast ep 457, pod 138, to discuss Cancer, Covid and the NHS

12th January Daily Mail article “Cancer sufferer fears children will be left motherless after operation cancelled” and Catch Up With Cancer statement on surgery cancellations

11th January Action Radiotherapy chair and founder of Catch Up With Cancer comments on new radiotherapy technology, The Times

6th January Professor Pat Price comments “hugely distressing” to see further cancer surgeries cancelled, The Times


26th December ‘Worst fears are being realised’ Cancer doctors say huge wave of unnecessary deaths loom, Sunday Express writes on APPG for Radiotherapy and Catch Up With Cancer

23rd December Cancer charities, Royal Colleges and APPG chairs sign joint declaration calling for the Spending Review to be revisited for cancer investment features in letter in The Times

23rd December METRO article on the impact of COVID on cancer services

17th December Chair of Action Radiotherapy, Professor Pat Price, and LaTroya Hall feature on Sky News

17th December Supported by the Catch Up With Cancer campaign LaTroya Hall writes in the Daily Mail about the delays to her husbands treatment and diagnosis​

14th December The tragic story of Sherwin Hall as told by his wife LaTroya features on BBC Breakfast with Catch Up With Cancer founder Professor Pat Price, following delays to treatment and diagnosis.

7th December APPG RT Chair, Tim Farron MP calls for urgent action to address the national cancer backlog crisis, Yorkshire Post

29th  November  Two thousand needless pancreatic cancer deaths is highlighted by Pancreatic Cancer Action features in the Sunday Express and features Action Radiotherapy cancer backlog calculations

26th  November  #CatchUpWithCancer campaign and Kelly Smith’s story features in the Daily Mail

23rd November  It’s the worst cancer crisis in a generation” Professor Pat Price comment in the Daily Telegraph

18th November  APPG RT cross-party letter signed by 60 MPs and #CatchUpWithCancer calling for urgent action at the Spending Review features in the Daily Express

18th November Co-founder of #CatchUpWithCancer, Professor Pat Price op-ed in the Daily Express

13th November  Professor Pat Price appears on BBC Radio 5 to comment on the cancer backlog and latest cancer data

12th November Professor Pat Price, founder of #CatchUpWithCancer & Radiotherapy4Life and chair of Action Radiotherapy, appears on BBC News at 6pm and 10pm – Interviewed by Hugh Pym and responding to the latest cancer data and cancer backlog

12th November #CatchUpWithCancer co-founder and petition author, Craig Russell appears on Sky News

22nd October During an interview on BBC Breakfast – Prof Pat Price founder of #CatchUpWithCancer call for smart solutions in treatment and diagnostics

20th October The Daily Express article on new ONS figures and #CatchUpWithCancer clinical expert opinion

20th October Daily Mirror feature Kelly Smith’s story and #CatchUpWithCancer: “ Young mum’s harrowing cancer death as Covid forces thousands to die along and in agony

19th October Co-founder of #CatchUpWithCancer and father of Kelly Smith, Craig Russell, features on ITV News

19th October The Sun article  features comments from Professor Pat Price and the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign on new ONS figures on deaths at home

19th October The Daily Telegraph features comment from Professor Pat Price on the new ONS figures

17th October Daily Mail reports on the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign and the impact of the Covid response on cancer patients

11th October The #CatchUpWithCancer campaign covered in Sunday Express article

10th October Al Jazeera report on UK patients missing cancer treatment due to Covid and the #CatchUpWithCancer and Radiotherapy4Life calls for boost to radiotherapy

9th October BBC Breakfast TV speak with #CatchUpWithCancer’s Craig Russell about the campaign

7th October The Times article include patients who shared their story with the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign

6th October BBC Three Counties Radio – #CatchUpWithCancer signees share their stories

1st October The #CatchUpWithCancer and Radiotherapy4Life campaign respond to the Health and Social Care Committee report on cancer backlog recommendations  

27th September  The Sunday Times “Cancer sufferers go door to door to pay for private treatment” article with quote from #CatchUpWithCancer

15th September Daily Express front page: FOR THE SAKE OF 35,000 LIVES…WE MUST ACT NOW

15th September Daily Express comment by Prof Pat Price

14th September Daily Mail: #CatchUpWithCancer campaign features in Lockdown blow to Britain’s health: Hospital admissions for seven major non-Covid illnesses, including heart attacks, slump by 173,000 – as GPs are ordered to see patients face-to-face

8th September Tonia Antoniazzi MP urges Matt Hancock to publish a Government cancer recovery plan to #CatchUpWithCancer, with Matt Hancock MP responding “We have been working on it intensively and, as I say, the backlog has come down by about half, but clearly there is much more to do”

27th August Prof Pat Price appeared on Radio 5 live and BBC regional radio stations to discuss the impact of Covid on cancer patients and the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign

22nd August The Times 107 MPs write to Prime Minister to warn cancer backlog may cost 30,000 lives More than 100 MPs have written to Boris Johnson after the coronavirus lockdown caused severe disruption to cancer diagnoses and treatments. They have called on him to deliver an emergency boost to treatment capacity.

17th August The Sun – Brits now more likely to die from cancer than 15 years ago because of coronavirus Professor Pat Price called on ministers to tackle the growing backlog with the “same speed, energy, and focus” deployed against the pandemic.

16th August Sunday Express – Deborah James – I might be recovering from cancer but my friends are gone Kelly’s parents Mandy and Craig Russell are now calling on the Government to get cancer services back up and running to avoid further tragedies and have launched a petition – which has so far received more than 200,000 signatures – to stop tens of thousands of coronavirus-linked cancer deaths.

11th August Hits Radio Manchester interview with Professor Pat Price “This is the worst cancer crisis in my lifetime… we have never halted cancer services”

10th August Hits Radio Kelly Smith’s father Craig Russell interview about the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign and loss of his daughter following Covid impacts on her cancer treatment

6th August Hits Radio SPECIAL REPORT: Fears COVID-19 pandemic is leading to ‘worst cancer crisis in a lifetime’ Professor Pat Price, is interviewed for special report on Hits Radio network

31st July Bloomberg article: Radiotherapy Seen as Key to Solving U.K. Covid Cancer Crisis “Radiotherapy is faster, quicker and remote, so it’s the smart solution to this crisis,” said Pat Price, chair of Action Radiotherapy, who has been an oncologist for 32 years and calls the current crisis in Britain “the greatest tragedy to hit cancer care in my lifetime.”

19th July  Lurgan Mail article highlights cancer services: Cancer patients, who have had no treatment since Lockdown, still await appointments for chemotherapy says MP

19th July Sunday Express Father’s grief: ‘They stopped chemotherapy as it might make her vulnerable to Covid’

19th July Sunday Express Founder of Radiotherapy4Life & #CatchUpWithCancer, and Chair of Action Radiotherapy, Professor Price writes Delay is a danger: We need to act fast: “Without doubt we are facing a truly national crisis”… “There needs to be a ‘super boost’ to cancer service from diagnostics right through the treatment pathway, to cope with what is shaping up to be the mother of all backlogs. And a good deal of that boost needs to go into transforming radiotherapy”.

17th July BBC Midlands, Professor Pat Price is interview “It is vital we clear the cancer backlog and get cancer services back up and running. We can save thousands of lives if we act now”

13th July The Express Cancer petition: How to sign Kelly Smith petition to stop THOUSANDS of deaths

13th July The Sun Petition to stop tens of thousands of Covid-linked cancer deaths hits 145k in 48 hours after young mum died in lockdown

13th July: ITV Petition calling for action to tackle cancer deaths tops 100,000 signatures

13th July The Sunday Telegraph While Covid has been prioritised, what has become of the rest of the NHS?

12th July BBC News Coronavirus: Cancer patient Kelly Smith’s family petition backed

11th July The Sun My friend died too soon when coronavirus stopped her treatment – a tsunami of cancer deaths is about to hit

11th July – Launch of #CatchUpWithCancer Radiotherapy UK have teamed up with family of Kelly Smith to launch the campaign and Change.Org petition on BBC Breakfast TV | to get cancer services up and running, boost radiotherapy and save thousands of lives

8th July Digital Health Calls for innovation fund for radiotherapy tech to help ease cancer backlog – An innovation fund for advanced radiotherapy IT and technical solutions should be established to help ease the “huge” backlog in cancer patients due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new recovery plan published by the APPG RT

8th July Hippocratic Post Prof Pat Price urgent call for resolution to cancer backlog – Cancer Backlog: Action Radiotherapy Response

6th July Panorama – Britain’s cancer crisis features radiotherapy services interview with Professor Pat Price

6th July BBC Breakfast – Professor Pat Price appears to discuss the Panorama findings and in particular impact on radiotherapy services and the APPG RT 6 point plan to transform radiotherapy

5th June The Times Extend therapies to ease cancer backlog, doctors tell Hancock includes reports on 243 radiotherapy professionals writing to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care & subsequent NHS decision on accelerating the Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) rollout. While detail of the NHS plan has not been made publicly available the article states “Every UK cancer centre can provide SABR but only 26 out of England’s 52 centres are permitted to offer it, according to letters and parliamentary questions. The treatment has been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, but NHS England had indicated that the national expansion would not be completed until 2022. The Times can reveal that the NHS now plans to bring this forward so that all hospitals can carry out SABR by April but meanwhile the machines sit in hospitals unused.”

31st May Sunday Express – Putting off cancer treatments is “trading deaths” says experts Professor Pat Price quoted “This will have a domino effect and we are bracing ourselves for a tsunami of cancer cases. Delays in restarting diagnostic services will lead to delays in diagnosis and more advanced cancer. More patients will no longer be curable by surgery, meaning we will have to deal with our own backlog, as well as these cases which were not treated in a timely way. This will likely be overwhelming.”

26th May The Sun – NHS ‘is rationing innovative cancer treatment’ which could help with surge in cases due to coronavirus, experts warn Professor Pat Price “We were at capacity to start with so when we get more patients coming through, we will not be able to deal with it. We’ve got some real big solutions here and it’s crazy that we’ve got machinery here that could solve some of the backlog and help improve survival, and yet we’re not being allowed to use it. It’s madness.”

26th May Sky NewsExperts warn cancer treatment which could save lives is being ‘rationed’ – Prof Pat Price, chair of Action Radiotherapy “We were at capacity to start with so when we get more patients coming through, we will not be able to deal with it. We’ve got some real big solutions here and it’s crazy that we’ve got machinery here that could solve some of the backlog and help improve survival, and yet we’re not being allowed to use it. It’s madness.”

24th May Sunday Express – MPs demanding cancer care plan – features the letter written by the seven APPGs calling for a national cancer recovery plan to deal with the backlog of cancer cases

17th May Mail on Sunday – Cancer specialists demand urgent meeting with Matt Hancock over ‘crazy’ NHS decision to ration treatment features recommendations made by the APPGRT about removing commissioning restrictions on the advanced radiotherapy treatment, SABR (Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy)

4th May Tim Farron, Chair of the APPGRT in Politics Home/ The House Magazine live – Radiotherapy is a vital treatment that can reduce unnecessary cancer deaths during the coronavirus pandemic

30th April The Times – Cancer patients at risk as radiotherapy machines stand idle – includes the evidence submitted by the APPGRT to the Health and Social Care Committee

25th April Sky News Professor Pat Price appears as a cancer expert on Sky News to highlight the impact of COVID-19 on cancer treatment pathways

23rd April ITV Central – Professor Pat Price appears calls for action to avoid the “double tragedy” of losing as many patients from cancer as we do from COVID-19 – Cancer sufferer feels ‘sacrificed’ for COVID-19 patients after vital operation cancelled

16th April The Times Redbox – Cancer patients deserve the best treatment despite pressures of coronavirus

12th April Sunday Express – Cancer deaths set to soar amid coronavirus crisis – The article mentions the APPG RT letter to the Matt Hancock calling for a refocus on preventing avoidable cancer deaths

28th March National Institute for Health and Care Excellence published COVID-19 rapid guideline: delivery of radiotherapy