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What we do

Radiotherapy UK is the only charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy treatment throughout the UK. We believe that everyone in the country – no matter who they are or where they live – should have access to the best radiotherapy treatment available.

Why we do it

A total of 1 in 2 of us will get cancer, and 1 in 4 of us will need radiotherapy at some point in our lives. Every four weeks delay in treatment reduces survival rate by 6-13% – that’s why our work to ensure people receive vital treatment is critical.

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Our impact

The cancer backlog and Covid-19 are currently two of the biggest challenges in health and social care. Covid-19 presented new challenges to the radiotherapy community, and we are proud of how we adapted and grew the charity, campaigns and APPGRT. It is now time to grow the charity even further as Radiotherapy UK, to spread our message and gain even more support. For a very small organisation we believe we pack a significant punch. We have achieved so much with so little. We campaign to improve radiotherapy and cancer services as a whole. We campaign for the professionals and for the patients. We campaign to raise awareness to help people. We strive to fill the gap in providing a voice for radiotherapy and its community to help patients and frontline staff.


Watch the Re-launch video here – Why support Radiotherapy UK

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We’re here to save lives by ensuring everyone in the UK has access to high quality radiotherapy treatment and support.

Our incredible team

We have a small, hard-working team who are passionate about making the best cancer treatment available to everyone in the UK.

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Respond to the UK Government 10 Year Cancer Plan. The UK Government is currently consulting on a 10 Year Cancer Plan and it is so important that those affected by cancer respond.

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Make a stand against unnecessary cancer deaths.

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Together, we can make sure we #CatchUpWithCancer.

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Ask your MP to support our urgent calls for the government to respond to the cancer backlog.

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Your story could really help someone else going through a cancer diagnosis.

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