Donate to Catch Up With Cancer – 4 in 10 waiting too long for treatment

Would you donate £5 a month to help the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign continue? Please click here to keep the pressure on Government and senior NHS leaders to tackle the ongoing UK cancer crisis and the longest waits cancer patients have known.

We don’t make this request lightly. But with 4 in 10 cancer patients waiting too long for their treatment, this campaign has never been more needed.

Many of you have loved ones waiting for treatment. Many of you have lost loved ones that waited too long.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The #CatchUpWithCancer campaign is joined by leading cancer experts in calling for a dedicated cancer plan that cuts waits and helps patients live longer and better.

There are cost-effective solutions that could bring the UK up to speed in cancer care. Solutions that can begin now.

You can help us bring the reality of waiting too long for life-saving cancer treatment to the doors of the decision-makers.

If you believe that cancer patients deserve better, please support us here so that we can keep speaking up against this injustice.

Thank you.

VIDEO: Catch Up With Cancer campaign meets World Cancer Day 
The Russell Family and Catch Up With Cancer

The campaign and petition were launched back in 2020 by Craig and Mandy Russell and Professor Pat Price, chair of Radiotherapy UK.

Craig and Mandy lost their daughter, Kelly Smith, at the age of 31. Her cancer treatment was stopped because of the pandemic and she died just a few weeks later, leaving behind her family and young son. Since then, the Russell family have campaigned tirelessly, urging the government to catch up with cancer.

Read Kelly’s story here.

Supported by cancer patients 

Andy Tudor was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017, and now volunteers with Radiotherapy UK.

He said: “I am one of only 12% of people in this country that survive longer than five years after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

I got the treatment I needed on time, both surgery and radiotherapy, and everyone deserves the same. It shouldn’t be a postcode lottery.

Campaigning with Radiotherapy UK and the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign is something I am very proud to be part of. We are a powerful voice, with the patient at the heart of everything, and the progress we are making is well worth supporting.”

Learn more about the Catch Up With Cancer campaign

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