VIDEO: Radiotherapy UK and Vertual launch first patient video

About this video

This is a video by Radiotherapy UK and Vertual Ltd. The aim is to help prepare you for the experience of external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) for breast cancer.

Content warning: This video has images and sounds representing cancer treatment. The VERT software by Vertual Ltd gives a 3D representation of the inside of a patient’s body, including organs. Some people may find this triggering or upsetting.

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Helpful information

  • You can add subtitles to this video by clicking the settings wheel icon in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Download a copy of the video script here
  • Remember that each patient and each treatment plan is different. Your experience may be longer or shorter depending on your diagnosis, and you may or may not be given tattoos on your body to help line you up in the right position
  • Some departments use software known as surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT) where patients do not need tattoos to help their team line them up for their radiotherapy treatment.

Every treatment experience is unique

Here we have tried to give an overview of some common experiences. But every patient has a unique experience of treatment and side effects. For example, patients with different skin tones can see a wide range of changes in the colour of their skin during and after treatment. There are some examples given in this video, but you may see something different. If in doubt, ask your treatment team!

  • Ask your therapeutic radiographer team lots of questions. You might also meet some student radiographers during your treatment
  • The video notes that you could feel cold during treatment. If you have had chemotherapy you might be more sensitive to temperature changes in general
  • If you have EBRT after surgery, you can sometimes feel more uncomfortable when your arms are above your head for radiotherapy

With thanks

This video was created by Radiotherapy UK for our PIF-TICK accredited Patients and Families hub, launching in 2024. The 3-D virtual reality footage is thanks to Vertual Ltd, which has chosen Radiotherapy UK as its Charity of the Year. A special thank you to Toral, who worked with us to create the video voiceover. 

Further information

There is so much to learn about radiotherapy treatment – no single video can cover everything! Below we have included links to resources recommended or created by our clinical and patient engagement groups. 

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Naman Julka-Anderson: Structural racism in radiation-induced skin reaction toxicity scoring

Ticking Off Breast Cancer: Radiotherapy checklist

Respire: Deep Inspiration Breath Hold resources

Northern Radiotherapy Network resources

The Whole Picture: preparing and caring for radiotherapy patients and professionals

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