Flen Health and Radiotherapy UK join forces for a second year

This London Global Cancer Week, Radiotherapy UK is thrilled to announce that Flen Health has renewed its support for our mission.

The skin care solutions company has made a donation to our ongoing work with cancer patients, which includes developing resources that empower, educate and reduce the stress of cancer treatment.

The team at Radiotherapy UK is currently working with our patient engagement group, with support from our Ambassador network of therapeutic radiographers, to review and create helpful resources. In addition, we are going through the PIF Tick accreditation process to make sure our content is designed with care and can be completely trusted. Support from Flen Health, and our other wonderful supporters, is making this possible.

Sarah Quinlan MBE, director of Radiotherapy UK, said: “We are a small charity with a big fight on our hands, speaking up and speaking out on behalf of UK cancer patients and working to make sure they are treated on time and live longer and better. Support from an organisation that is so committed to patient welfare really strengthens our work, and means a lot at a time when charities are working hard to keep going. We look forward to a terrific year of working together towards a common aim.”

Kelly Atkinson of Flen Health said: “The team here at Flen Health always have the welfare of patients at the heart of what we do. We are delighted to continue our support of a small charity that packs a big punch. Radiotherapy UK is always one of the first, if not the first, to speak out when it comes to patient outcomes, and that is a perfect fit for our ethos. We know our donation will support the development of their patient resources and make a real difference to people in their toughest moments.

“Flen Health is a company that brings skin care solutions to patients around the world. Patients suffering from skin and wound disorders often have to give up on activities they enjoy the most. At Flen Health, we want to provide innovation that allows these patients to enjoy the life they love. This is our original, present & future mission.”

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