Professor Pat Price joins Irwin Mitchell for a deep dive into #CatchUpWithCancer

Professor Pat Price joins Irwin Mitchell for a deep dive into the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS declared the highest state of emergency alert. Taking this step allowed it to ‘cut through the red tape’ and rewrite or bypass regulations to deliver services at incredible speed.

But in the aftermath of the pandemic, the UK’s cancer care services are in crisis, with patients paying the price.

Experts in the field are now calling for a comprehensive review of the system, where poor care and delays have been normalised. They want to see the cancer care crisis tackled with the same verve as the search for the Covid-19 vaccine.


In this webinar, you’ll hear from two medical experts pushing for change.

Professor Pat Price has worked as a clinical oncology consultant for 34 years. She founded the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign to lobby the Government for a new national cancer recovery plan.

Dr Sonia Adesara is a London based GP and an activist for improving NHS healthcare. She is passionate about overcoming the fragmented system, and structural and cultural problems within the NHS. Her vision is to create a world class NHS, fit for today’s Britain.

The #CatchUpWithCancer campaign needs your support. If you value the work of Professor Price and Radiotherapy UK, please consider a donation. Thank you. 

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