In general, the side effects after palliative radiation are minimal because the doses used are lower than those used when curative radiation is given. Before radiation is planned and delivered the radiation oncologist sits with the patient and explains all the potential side effects of the treatment.

These vary depending on exactly what area of the body is being treated and the number of treatments and dose being given.

General side effects include tiredness and minor skin redness in the area being treated. Nausea/sickness can occur with some treatments such as brain radiation and areas around the stomach/abdomen. If your radiation oncologist thinks that nausea/sickness may occur you will be given an anti-sickness tablet (antiemetic) half an hour before each treatment.

These tablets are very effective at preventing and controlling sickness.

It is important that you discuss any side effects that you are experiencing with your doctor so that these can be managed effectively.

Information and Guidance

Radiotherapy Treatment Process

Click below for a video that shows the external beam radiotherapy treatment process.